Python | Getting started

In the last post we installed Python 3.11. Let's write our first program in Python.

Using IDLE Shell

IDLE is Python’s Integrated Development and Learning Environment. The Python IDLE is an excellent place to experiment with small code snippets. Let's get started with Python IDLE.

  • Open the Command Prompt, type Python and hit enter. You should see Python interactive shell.

    python install

  • In the interactive shell type below one liner code and hit enter, you should see output printed in command prompt.
    import sys; print(dir(sys))

    python install

  • Using Python File

    In the previous section we used Python IDLE shell to write short code snippets, in this section we will learn how to write Python programs using files.
  • Create new file with name in the current directory and write below code in it.
    import sys
  • Save the file, open the Command Prompt in current directory. To run the python file type below command and hit enter.
    python-hello-world python-hello-world