How to get user input in RUST

This post explains how to get user input inn Rust programming language

Below is the code snippet for getting user input in Rust

use std::io;

fn main(){

    println!("Enter any number");
    let mut number = String::new();
        .read_line(&mut number)
        .expect("Failed to read input");

    println!("Entered number is {}", number);


  • use std::io; library provides ability to accept user input.
  • fn main() is declaring new function
  • println! macro prints string to the screen
  • let mut is declaring a mutable variable
  • String::new() is creating a empty string
  • io::stdin().readline() is handling the standard input to get input from user
  • .expect is handling any potential failure
  • Compile and Run the Rust program
    #### Output ####
    Enter any number
    Entered number is 8

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