How to install Rust in Windows

This post explains how to install rust language in windows.

Download rust

Download latest rustup-init.exe from rust website or click here to download rustup-init.exe(64 bit).

Install Rust

Run the downloaded rustup-init.exe and in the prompt press "1"

1) Proceed with installation (default)
2) Customize installation
3) Cancel installation

Once the installation is complete you should see output similar to as shown below

info: installing component 'rustfmt'
info: default toolchain set to 'stable'

  stable installed - rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16)

Rust is installed now. Great!

To get started you need Cargo's bin directory (%USERPROFILE%\.cargo\bin) in
your PATH
environment variable. Future applications will automatically have the
correct environment, but you may need to restart your current shell.

Press the Enter key to continue.

Verify Rust installation

Run below command to check rust version

rustc --version
rustc 1.48.0 (7eac88abb 2020-11-16)