Python | How to use re.finditer() in python

This post explains how to use re.finditer method in Python.

re.finditer function syntax

re.finditer(pattern, string, flags=0)

re.finditer method returns an iterator over all non-overlapping matches in the string. For each match, the iterator returns a Match object. Below are some of the example for using re.finditer.

1. Finding all Adverbs and their Positions using re.finditer in Python

import re

sample_str = """The teacher firmly disciplined the students for their misbehavior.
The beautifully painted landscape is a wonderful addition to my living room decor.

for m_object in re.finditer(r"\w+ly\b", sample_str):
    print(f"{m_object.start()} {m_object.end()} {}")

# Output
12 18 firmly
71 82 beautifully

2. Extracting domain name from text using re.finditer

import re

text = """Extract domain from this string. url for gcptutorials,
url for wikipedia"""

pattern = r'(www.([A-Za-z_0-9-]+)(.\w+))'

find_iter_result = re.finditer(pattern, text)
for i in find_iter_result:

# Output

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