How to install PyTorch with conda

PyTorch is an open source machine learning framework,it is an optimized tensor library for deep learning using GPUs and CPUs.

How to use optimizers in PyTorch

PyTorch provides torch.optim package for implementing optimization algorithms for a neural network.

Calculate Cosine Similarity in PyTorch

PyTorch provides torch.nn.functional.cosine_similarity method for calculating cosine similarity.

How to use resnet model in PyTorch

This post explains how to use resnet pre-trained model in PyTorch.

How to install PyTorch with PIP

This tutorial provides steps for installing PyTorch on windows with PIP for CPU and CUDA devices.

Image classification using PyTorch with AlexNet

This tutorial explains how to use pre trained models with PyTorch.

How to build basic Neural Network with PyTorch

In this post we will build a simple Neural Network using PyTorch nn package.