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How to install latest TensorFlow version using PIP and Conda

This post describes how to install Latest TensorFlow Version using conda and PIP.

How to use resnet model in PyTorch

This post explains how to use resnet pre-trained model in PyTorch.

How to create Regression Model in TensorFlow

This post describes how to create regression model in TensorFlow

Calculate Cosine Similarity in PyTorch

PyTorch provides torch.nn.functional.cosine_similarity method for calculating cosine similarity.

How to use optimizers in PyTorch

PyTorch provides torch.optim package for implementing optimization algorithms for a neural network.

How to build basic Neural Network with PyTorch

In this post we will build a simple Neural Network using PyTorch nn package.

How to install PyTorch with PIP

This tutorial provides steps for installing PyTorch on windows with PIP for CPU and CUDA devices.

How to create REST APIs with Flask

Flask-RESTful is an excellent Flask extension that can be used for quickly building REST APIs.

How to calculate euclidean norm in TensorFlow

This post describes how to calculate euclidean norm in TensorFlow.

How to use GlobalMaxPooling2D layer in TensorFlow

This posts explains how to use GlobalMaxPooling2D layer with TensorFlow.

Image classification using PyTorch with AlexNet

This tutorial explains how to use pre trained models with PyTorch.

Deploying TensorFlow Models on Flask Part 3 - Integrate ML model with Flask

In the Part 2 of this series we have set flask application, in this Part 3 we will integrate TensorFlow Model with our Flask application.

Deploying TensorFlow Models on Flask Part 2 - Setting up Flask application

In the Part 1 on this series we have set up and tested the trained model, in Part 2 we will set up Flask application.

Deploying TensorFlow Models on Flask Part 1 - Set up trained model from TensorFlow Hub

Part 1 of multi part series for deploying TensorFlow pre trained model on Flask.

How to run parallel tasks in Python

concurrent.futures module provides a high-level interface for launching parallel tasks in Python. Parallel tasks can be launched with threads or with processes.

How to extract features from layers in TensorFlow

Feature extraction in quite common while using transfer learning in ML.In this tutorial you will learn how to extract features from tf.keras.Sequential model.

How to get weights of layers in TensorFlow

This tutorial explains how to get weights of dense layers in keras Sequential model.

How to implement Sequential model with tk.keras

TensorFlow provides implementation of Sequential model with tk.keras.Sequential API. Sequential model is used when each layer has only one input tensor and one output tensor.

How to deploy flask App on GKE

In this tutorial, we will deploy a simple containerized flask app on Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE). We will create a new GKE cluster and use existing containerized flask app for deploying on GKE.

How to containerize flask app in GCP

Container Registry in Google Cloud Platform used for storing, managing and securing Docker container images.

Kubernetes POD monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana

Prometheus Operator simplify and automates the configuration of a Prometheus based monitoring stack for Kubernetes clusters. This tutorial explains how to install Prometheus Operator with helm package manager.